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"Maria Kanyova's teaching is, in a word, revolutionary. Her teaching instills greater freedom, ease, comfort and joy in the experience of singing and performing. My technique has improved by leaps and bounds from her guidance. She has such a full understanding of technique and the best ears in the business and is able to pinpoint exactly wt I need to work on in a nurturing, clear and effective way.  I deeply trust her guidance and knowledge. Dr. Kanyova communicates very clearly and if something isn't working vocally, is able to redirect and communicate in several different ways to make sure that I understand how to achieve what we're working on. Her knowledge not only of technique but also of stagecraft, professionalism, and the business of the opera world has been so helpful in guiding me not only vocally but in the beginning stages of my career as well!" MM/Voice, UMKC DMA/Voice, UMKC

'Dr. Kanyova's teaching is grounded in unconditional acceptance and exploration of one's voice in order to understand and grow with your individual talent. In my time studying with Dr. Kanyova, she has always been positive, encouraging, and I have always felt supported by her professionally, musically and personally. Her feedback is never negative and always constructive as she challenges each student in the specific and detailed way needed in order to reach the freeist singing possible." Estarah Berciunas, sop. MM/Voice UMKC DMA/Voice UMKC

"Dr. Kanyova's instruction has been pivotal in my development as a singer. Her artistry shines through in her teaching as she teaches the whole craft of performing from the voice itself to expression through acting. As her student, I feel valued as a person and consider her to a great mentor. Dr. Kanyova's transformational teaching takes into account individualized needs and provides an approach unique to each student. In my time under her tutelage, my voice has bloomed and I have full faith that continued study will only lead to more success." Hope Dedrick, soprano BME/BM/Voice, UMKC MM/Voice, UMKC '24

"Maria Kanyova's teaching has felt like a return to my instrument as what it is supposed to be naturally. Her focus on sensation and vocal freedom has opened for me a depth of natural color, and a strong base from which to experiment from and return to with confidence." Powell Brumm, baritone AC/Voice, UMKC '23

"I would highly recommend any singer to study with Maria because of the kindness and generosity she brings to finding your natural voice. Working with her has been one of the most enlightening experiences for discovering my true voice. I feel my singing has never felt easier! Maria's depth of knowledge and empathy make her an invaluable teacher. Maria, thank you for taking the time to work with me these past 2 years! Working with you has truly been a joy, and I've never felt better about singing. Can't wait to keep learning and working at our next lesson!" Michael Wu, Tenor AC/Voice, UMKC

"Dr. Kanyova is an expert in teaching true vocal freedom in classical singing in the manor that I feel should be the norm for all voice teachers. She gives each student a unique curriculum to find the maximum quality in each individual singer. She is also an expert dramatist, teaching students how to interpret music in ways that breathes life into everything she stages and creates dramatic connection throughout every musical moment. Dr. Kanyova draws on her real-world experience as an established opera singer to teach students about the opera business. She teaches practical lessons that are an essential element for budding opera singers and well as those that are established." Emily Stott, mezzo BM/Voice, UMKC MM/Voice, UMKC

"Dr. K is both highly knowledgeable and highly personable in her teaching. In my five years of study, I feel like I have made consistent and remarkable improvement. Dr. K has freed up my singing voice, and I feel like I am singing with so much more ease and joy since I began my studies with her." Lauren Sutherland, sop. MM/Voice UMKC DMA/Voice UMKC

Dr. Maria Kanyova's teaching is unparalleled. She guides her students to find their true, free voice, and successfully tailors her teaching to each student as an individual. Dr. Kanyova values vocal health, unencumbered singing, expression, and caring for the whole person not just the voice. She focuses on the process of singing rather than pushing for or manufacturing an end result. She is a true coach, educator, guide, and cheerleader for all her students. Dr. Kanyova's students are given invaluable tools they can take with them through their career as singers and storytellers. Working with her is a rewarding and joyful experience.

Working with Dr. Maria Kanyova has been immensely beneficial to my growth as a singer. As a teacher, Dr. Kanyova is supportive and encouraging while always pushing me to be my best. In her teaching, she focuses on uncovering the natural beauty of the voice and inspiring longevity through healthy singing. Not only has she helped me find confidence and joy in singing, she has also provided guidance and support to achieve a meaningful and fulfilled career as a singer.

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